Heating oil

Heating oil produced by straight-run distillation of diesel fractions and through recycling of products of catalytic cracking coking distillers.

In order to improve low temperature properties of heavy heating oil, various industrial processes use depressant additives produced from a copolymer of ethylene and complex organic compounds.

Heavy heating oil is produced according to the Russian Technical Specifications (TU), using the following raw materials:

  • heavy petroleum products
  • fuel oil, oil transmix
  • fuel oil, oil transmix, chemical components

Heating oil is used for combustion in low frequency medium power plants, thermal generators, agricultural power equipment, boilers for house heating and for other purposes.

Requirements to the quality of liquid heating oil are determined by the following indicators:

  • viscosity
  • calorific value
  • sulfur level
  • pour and flash points
  • ash content
  • water content and mechanical impurities