In the current economic situation, exports from Russia have become a promising trend of business development. For now, due to fluctuations in exchange rates and volatility of Russian ruble, it is highly lucrative for other countries to buy Russian goods. In turn, «RUSSIAN BITUMEN» LLC carries out export supply of petroleum products: fuel oil, heating oil and bitumen of all kinds to CIS and former USSR countries.  The entire cycle of shipments is carried out in full compliance with the applicable law and export regulations.  Our company is ready to provide full supply cycle for both packaged and liquid bulk products. Exports are carried out by road, rail or sea (through river ports of Novokuibyshevsk and Togliatti).

Logistics specialists of our company will skillfully make a transport route, taking into consideration all the wishes of the buyer, haul distance and economic feasibility of the shipment.  In wholesaling of petroleum products, we take into account dimensions and characteristics of each company in order to meet the needs of industrial customers to their best advantage.