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    Across Russia
    and around the world

About us

A strong team of managers and qualified staff, good technical basis, a wide range of facilities and resources,
reliablecustomer-supplier partnership — allow solving the most complicated problems and satisfying
requirements of the most exacting consumers, flexibility in stating the term and the cost of deliveries.
Our experts carefully observe market conditionals and make an appropriate price assessment.
We exercise individual approach for each consumer and pay attention to the principle of consumer’s
enterprise, product consuming volumes, and other important details.
Consequently, we deliver oil products to our consumers at competitive price leading to the further
effective cooperation.
We have managed to involve worthily into the business conditionals and to win
respect and trust of many consumers.

  • Direct representative of Rosneft Oil Company petroleum refineries

  • Partnership with Rosneft Oil Company guarantees qualitative fulfillment of our partnership obligations

  • Accumulation discount program for regular wholesale customer

  • Over 10 years
    of work experience

  • Transporting of petroleum products to customer’s destination

  • All necessary quality certificates

  • United and intellectual team of experts

  • Developed logistics system and mighty storage infrastructure

  • Own reliable vehicle fleet


Our company exports dark petroleum products across the world

The shipment is carried out from enterprises of Rosneft Oil Company

- Syzran Oil Refinery
- Novokuibyshevsk Oil Refinery
- Achinsk Oil Refinery
- Angarsk Petrochemical Company
- Saratov Oil Refinery
- Ryazan Oil Refinery

Consignment of petroleum products is performed by carload,
by special motor vehicles or by sea.

To calculate the cost of transportation,
refer to our manager or fill in the form below,
we’ll call you back.


Price List

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In addition to sales, we provide shipping of petroleum products to the customer's facility. Competent logistics department of our company will calculate optimal routes of delivery, the shortest route, the type of transport, unloading time, railway tariffs and freight costs. Our specialists will provide significant cutting of transport costs for every customer.

Transportation of petroleum products is carried out by road, rail or sea (through river ports of Novokuibyshevsk and Togliatti). Our extensive logistics system, warehousing infrastructure and own fleet of vehicles make it possible to optimize cargo turnover, reduce costs and continuously maintain a wide range of products in stock.